Ecological Interplay: Deciphering the Nexus between Climate Change and Biological Invasions

  • Abhijith Tojo
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  • Abhijith Tojo

    Student at Kristu Jayanti College of Law, Bangalore, India

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In the continually evolving realm of environmental law, this investigation delves into the intricate link between climate change and biological invasions, unveiling a complex ecological interplay that warrants legal scrutiny. As climate change advances, shifts in temperature, precipitation, and habitat distribution create environments conducive to the establishment and proliferation of invasive species. These biological invaders, often thriving in novel climatic niches, present substantial threats to biodiversity, ecosystem stability, and human well-being. This legal study systematically explores the ramifications of these interconnected phenomena, addressing pivotal questions such as assigning responsibility for invasive species introductions intensified by climate change. Through an examination of existing legal frameworks, treaties, and precedents, the research evaluates the effectiveness of current regulations in confronting the intricate challenges arising from this nexus. It identifies gaps in both international and domestic laws, pinpointing areas necessitating legal innovation and harmonization to adeptly mitigate and adapt to the ecological consequences. Furthermore, the research delves into potential legal strategies to bolster global cooperation in countering the impacts of biological invasions intensified by climate change. By proposing adaptive legal frameworks, international collaboration mechanisms, and innovative policy instruments, it aims to provide a guide for legal practitioners, policymakers, and scholars grappling with the intricate legal dimensions of this environmental challenge. In an era where climate change and invasive species pose increasingly urgent threats, this research strives to contribute to the ongoing discourse on environmental law and policy, fostering resilience in the face of ecological challenges.


Research Paper


International Journal of Legal Science and Innovation, Volume 6, Issue 3, Page 667 - 683


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