Emergence and Future of Bitcoin In Indian Economy

  • Prabhjyot Singh
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  • Prabhjyot Singh

    Student at Amity Law School Noida

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In recent years, India has seen a meteoric rise in the field of digital payment. With the advent of technology, e-commerce behemoths are emerging, suggesting a huge increase in the adoption of digital currencies in the form of bitcoins. Bitcoin may be a game changer. The digital code is hidden in "data blocks," which can be mined by solving those data blocks. It enables transactions to be carried out in the non-centralized banking field. It was Satoshi Nakomoto who formed the company in 2009. This has resulted in a large amount of science being lost. But that is just a drop in the ocean; there is still a lot to discover. The current literature necessitates additional research in this field. During this method, the researcher reviews the available literature and establishes a structure for future study. Researcher’s effort is of summarizing the complexities of using bitcoins as well as its prospects.


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International Journal of Legal Science and Innovation, Volume 3, Issue 5, Page 01 - 10

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLSI.111030

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