Environmental Personhood in India: An Eyewash or an Answer?

  • Ahana Bag
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  • Ahana Bag

    Student at Department of Law, University of Calcutta, India.

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Granting water bodies legal rights have captured the attention of many, however it is debatable if the move actually brings about a tangible change in the protection of the environment. Conservation of rivers and lakes in India is of the utmost importance and the same has been attempted before and crores have been spent on such projects. Granting personhood is an abstract new attempt at solving an old conundrum that continues to plague the country. Many rivers and lakes in India and other countries have religious and social significance and greatly affect and influence the lives of many. This paper attempts to analyse the rights-based approach to environmental protection and demystify the grant of personhood, the practicality of the same, and highlights a cultural perspective in the decision.


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International Journal of Legal Science and Innovation, Volume 3, Issue 3, Page 349 - 357

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLSI.11702

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