Humanitarian Intervention: A Justified Principle?

  • Saketh Reddy Pachipala
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  • Saketh Reddy Pachipala

    Student at O.P.Jindal Global University, India

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Humanitarian Intervention since the time known has been a very debatable topic and the idea of a country interfering with the matters of another country has been a very contentious and never-ending issue in world politics at large especially after the formation of codified laws and charters which clearly dis approve of this idea. Nevertheless, countries even till today try to interfere in the matters of other countries whatever the reason may be. Due to this interference we have seen instances where countries have been dragged to the International Court of Justice multiple times and countries have been punished to. But also, is it correct to see citizens of a country suffering from blatant abuse of human rights and to be quiet. Is it alright to just keep calm and let people die just because a code says to do so? Through this paper I would analyze the basic concept of ‘humanitarian intervention’, go through the various arguments surrounding this very volatile and debatable topic, the various arguments, reasonings and justifications given by various countries which have intervened in matters and also to discuss if this concept is something which comes under the bracket of justified moral principle even though the rules don’t say so.


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International Journal of Legal Science and Innovation, Volume 3, Issue 3, Page 709 - 714


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