Live in Relationship vs. Indian Society

  • Hitakshi Maggo
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  • Hitakshi Maggo

    Student at Fairfield Institute of Management and Technology, India

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Live in relationship where a couple live together under a same roof until they are ready to be hitched or say until they want to get married. This type of relationship are not illegal in India but still have not fully accepted by our Indian Society. Many types of social issues have arisen many times when we read about the concept of live-in relationship because of the fact that Indian marriages are considered as a beautiful relationship or a tie bond and these kind of relationship are considered as sin according to our society. There are no particular laws for live in relationships in India but considered as judicial Interpretation. There are no such laws related to this but our Indian judicial system is little bit confused about this because there are still some rights associated with the couples in live-in are present like under Criminal procedure code, evidence act, there are safety houses for such person for their protection and many more rules and regulations are present. Under this research paper we are going to see such rules and aspects and also societal aspect on this relationship in accordance with some judgement.



Research Paper


International Journal of Legal Science and Innovation, Volume 3, Issue 3, Page 273 - 278


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