Med-Arb: A New Era of Tailored Mechanisms of Dispute Resolution

  • Sai Pranav S and Y. Omkeerthi
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  • Sai Pranav S

    Student at ICFAI Law School, India

  • Y. Omkeerthi

    Student at ICFAI Law School, India

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Med-Arb, a hybrid dispute resolution process, combines mediation and arbitration in a single framework. This essay explores the nuanced dynamics and advantages of Med-Arb, shedding light on its increasing popularity in resolving complex disputes. In this essay, we discuss the evolution of the modes of dispute resolution and the growing needs of the society that gave birth to several methods of dispute resolution mechanisms. We individually study the components of Med-Arb, identify the drawbacks in each of them, and ultimately understand the necessity and objective of Med-Arb. We also discuss the procedure of Med-Arb and briefly touch upon its types and finally discuss why Med-Arb should be encouraged. This essay ultimately is a comprehensive explanation of Med-Arb and highlights its importance as a modern method of dispute resolution.


Research Paper


International Journal of Legal Science and Innovation, Volume 6, Issue 2, Page 272 - 278


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