Media Trial and Abuse of Principles of Natural Justice: Analysis using Tools of Statutory Interpretations

  • Ananya Singh
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  • Ananya Singh

    Student at NMIMS, School of law, Navi Mumbai

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A media devoid of freedom indicates failure of democracy but a media on a path to destroy and abuse this freedom is a bigger disgrace. Media when conducts parallel trials it exploits principles of natural justice and deprives the accused of it rights. Media trials hinder and obstructs the administration of justice. The paper attempts to analyses the phenomena of media trails using rules and aids of statutory interpretation and attempts to fathom why media is able to abuse principles of natural justice and fair trial and escape. This research work aims to highlight the impact of media trials by analysing historical backgrounds and external aids of construction. The paper attempts to provide effective recommendations and solutions to curb the abuse of principles of natural justice and rule of law and draw operative conclusion. The interpretation acts as a road roller and tries to strike an even balance between freedom of speech and expression & when it should be restricted.


Research Paper


International Journal of Legal Science and Innovation, Volume 3, Issue 3, Page 1015 - 1031


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