Need for the Codification of Law of Torts in India

  • Neha Kumari
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  • Neha Kumari

    Student at Campus Law Center, Delhi University, India

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In India law of torts is one of the most ignorant branches of law. The reason behind is the absence of codified law of torts in India. We have evolved the law of torts in many ways but we are still not able to give it a shape of concrete and codified law. Law of torts is basically a civil wrong, where unliquidated damages(compensation) are given if any legal injury occurs. But, due to uncodified law of torts, tortious litigations are very low in number in India, people are not aware about this civil remedy and injured persons are not adequately compensated. History have witnessed many misfortunes and tragic incidents which have badly affected the lives of people, for example, Bhopal gas tragedy, Uphar cinema hall tragedy, Vizag gas leak tragedy, etc. In all these cases victims had to fight a very long battle for the justice but still many claims are unheard and many people are not adequately compensated. We have many codified laws like IPC, CRPC, CPC etc., in India, and we have seen the effectiveness of these codified laws, then why can’t we have codified law of torts in India?


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International Journal of Legal Science and Innovation, Volume 3, Issue 5, Page 442 - 446


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