Non Disclosure of Agreement in Third Party Funding

  • Nancy Kapoor and Rohan Kumar
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  • Nancy Kapoor

    Student at Geeta Institute of Law, India.

  • Rohan Kumar

    Student at Geeta Institute of Law, India.

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An agreement to protect the disputed party’s data from being leaked to third parties was developed because the third party used to support the party in dispute in cases where that party’s chances of winning were likely to be very high. As a result, the party used to disclose to the third party every detail of the dispute. Confidentiality and protection: the NDA serves to safeguard ideas from being stolen or shared with third parties, as well as to maintain the confidentiality of information. TPF is not commonly permitted in India due to the observation that there is no prohibition on third parties funding arbitral proceedings and receiving payment following the arbitral award’s conclusion. Throughout many Indian states, including Maharashtra and Gujarat statewide Pradesh State of Andhra Pradesh The Code of Civil Procedure 1908’s Order 25 Rule One was revised, allowing courts to recover fees for litigation by asking financial parties to join parties and depositing expenses in court. As a result, Odisha and Tamil Nadu accepted third party funding. These aid in both parties’ adherence to the guidelines and standards set forth by arbitration bodies, which may have unique demands in relation to secrecy and third-party funding. You have to demonstrate to the code that you have suffered or will suffer a reparable loss or injury in this situation. The party who receives the secrets must agree that the harm caused by their unauthorised use is irreversible


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International Journal of Legal Science and Innovation, Volume 6, Issue 3, Page 1217 - 1227


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