Social Reactions to Economic Crimes and their Relationship to Economic Crises

  • Janice Castelino
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  • Janice Castelino

    Student at Kirti Mehta School of Law, NMIMS, India

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“Thief is an artist, and a policeman is, at best, a critic.” -Oscar Wilde
If this statement carries conviction, law and policy makers will have to stay convincingly ahead in the race against law enforcers and law breakers. The research paper focuses on economic crimes and their implications in the society. Since economic crimes have an adverse effect on the society as well as the economy it is of utmost importance to understand the gravity of the crime and how fatal can it prove to be. The research paper aims at highlighting how economic crimes impact the society and the government and suggests ways in which these crimes can be dealt with. The research paper is based on data from secondary sources and aims at explaining the impact of economic crimes on the people which takes place indirectly. Given the vast population of India and the illiteracy rate many do not consider economic crimes as serious as it should be due to the indirect impact it has on people and direct impact on society. One act by one individual can affect the lives of all in the country. Economic crimes are different from other crimes due to a couple of reasons. Economic crimes are committed by people who are intelligent and under the repercussions of their actions, they are powerful people in the society and hence have the means to take refuge from the negative effects of their acts. Above all economic crimes unlike other crime do not concern two different parties but has an impact on the economy and the overall country. Hence the paper aims at highlighting these crimes and what measures can be taken regarding the same.


Research Paper


International Journal of Legal Science and Innovation, Volume 3, Issue 3, Page 162 - 176


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