Solar Energy in India and China: A Comparative Analysis

  • Netikta Anand
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  • Netikta Anand

    Student at Amity University Noida, India

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One of the great benefits of solar energy is that humans are never going to run out of it as it is available and will be available in abundance beyond human existence. That is not something one can say for fossil fuels like coal, petroleum, etc. that humans have been dependent on for thousands of years. If humans want to prevent the Earth from raising carbon-emission, pollution of water, depletion of air quality, and other factors of global warming and climate change they will have to change the energy sources they use today. Turning to alternative energy source like “Solar Energy” has huge potential for the preservence of the environment which we are living in and, simultaneously substantially lower our electric bills for long run. In this paper, we are going to study about the solar energy’s potential in the two most densely populated countries in the world, i.e., India and China. In this paper we will also study, the facts and figures for implementation of solar energy and its usage in both the countries. Also, we will try to rectify on the basis of analyzation of facts to prove that solar energy, is both sustainable and an economically efficient alternative to fulfill both, need and demand of energy consumption in India and China.


Research Paper


International Journal of Legal Science and Innovation, Volume 3, Issue 3, Page 605 - 628


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