The Impact of Violation of Human Rights on Mental Health of Children and Juvenile Delinquency

  • Sinseena TS
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  • Sinseena TS

    Student at Markaz Law College Kaithapoyil, India

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“Our children are the future of this world. it’s not about what we can get out of them. It’s about how we can empower them.” This is words of wisdom from Sadh guru. It’s not just words of wisdom, it’s the reality. The trees now we are planting may not give us food but sure will feed our children in the future if, only if we take care of the plants and teach the same to the children. When a child is conceived, he or she becomes the responsibility of the parents. Then in the journey to the adulthood the parents are responsible for their upbrings. Giving them food, shelter, education and other means. Because children themselves are unable to survive in the world. The thesis here is about How the violation of human rights effect the mental health of children and the juvenile delinquency. The Indian families are overlooking the feelings and emotions of children on the name that they are children and they do not know, which actively contributing to destroy the children from the very young age which is violation of their rights. The avoidance of the mental wellbeing of the children are the reason that they are eager to commit crimes or violate the laws. It is a reality that criminals are not born but made by the society. As said in the above a child should not need to survive in the world, it’s their right to be taken care of and get a healthy environment to grow and flourish.


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International Journal of Legal Science and Innovation, Volume 5, Issue 3, Page 33 - 48


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