The New Statutory Legislation is the Need of Society with respect Right to Die and Attempt to Commit Suicide

  • Phalgun Agrawal
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  • Phalgun Agrawal

    Advocate in India

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The Society is in the need for the new legislative reforms regarding the euthsanasia i.e. Good Death as Life is the most valuable thing that God has given to the world but, to prolong the agony of life if the circumstances is in not in the favour of person unwillingness to continue his life arises because of some situation in the life of the person, The situation could be extreme poverty, incurable disease, emotional imbalance or any other situation were the person is so affected that he wants to end his life. State the protector of its citizen cannot give ‘right to die’ as giving this right is legally and morally incorrect. But there arises some situation which can’t be solved, like having an incurable disease renders the person helpless and dependent and in these situation a person can be given the right to end his life.It is this side of the right to die which is much in debate as some countries of the world have given this right and some of them have not. A person who undergoes euthanasia usually has an irrepressible disease. However, it In Case of Common Cause versus UOI it was held by the Supreme Court that Living will is given by the patient before its treatment but it can never be the substitute of Statutory Legislation.


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International Journal of Legal Science and Innovation, Volume 4, Issue 6, Page 01 - 11


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