Paradigms of Legal Jurisprudence: An analysis over the application of legal rights to Natural Entities and the consequential limitations

Pranav .R. Menon
School of Law, Sastra Deemed To Be University, Thanjavur, India

Volume II – Issue I, 2020

Natural Rights are accounted as the mother root of all inalienable legal rights applied and enforced by all the persons around the world. However the society in which we live today fails to recognize, in realistic levels, the applicability of such Rights, accompanied with the inevitable liabilities, to the Natural entities that co-exist with us. This paper preliminarily covers the origin of the idea of providing legal rights to Natural entities from which it moves towards analyzing the historical traces and the present status of the ideology and the various trends observed behind the adoption of the concept on a global scale accompanied with the reasons and methodology behind such adoption . The paper further substantiates the legal principles that accompanies the enforcement of such rights. Finally, the paper concludes by highlighting the existing limitations of the idea and the future contingencies where the idea of providing legal rights to Natural entities would eventually affect the fundamental legal principles which provides the foundation for the Harmonious co-existence of Natural entities and other persons in the society.


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