Prison Rape and Violence in India

Siddhartha Law College, Dehradun, India

Volume II – Issue I, 2020

The prisoners experience sexual violence in prisons and they are exposed to it, which drastically drags them into trauma and insecurity. The trauma consequently stays with the victim and he carries it to the society when he releases. The prison violence is not any gender specific issue, although since early times mostly prisoners were men and women have been majorly in prisons in recent decades. The prison violence can include numerous acts with it namely physical sexual violence, abusive acts, rape, verbal violence, inappropriate comments or touch, and many more. The Indian system of punishment positively believes in giving chances to prisoner to recreate his thoughts realize his mistake and feel the guilt, but the violence and sexual abuse in prisons make it inimical. Lately, there has been a widespread perversion of the cause of imprisonment and dignity of prisoners. This is a globally spread issue which must not be shunned over the beliefs and the taboos existing in the society. Prison rape and violence has a long path to be eliminated, so why not initiating steps today to wipe it out? The governments should amend or introduce laws for the protection of the prisoners. Those prisoners who are victims must be provided a counselor. The society should also grab courage and come forward to speak up for the rights of prisoners. Prisoners are also humans and they do deserve to be treated like humans, rather being brutally punished and harassed for their wrong doings.


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