Religious Persecution: The Persecution of Rohingya Community

Poorva Pandey
KLE’s Society Law College, Bangalore, India

Volume II – Issue I, 2020

The Rohingyas issue has gathered a lot of public attention. The Rohingyas from being an ethnic group declared as the criminal worldwide. The persecution faced by the Rohingyas is because of their immoral agenda of seceding the Rakhine state to annex with Bangladesh. The result of their immoral planning is that the community is stateless for a very long period.

The organization formed by them was declared as terrorist groups because they attacked the civilians and military groups. They illegally intruded into different countries and demanded their rights in those countries. They are declared as a serious threat to the nation because they are increasing in numbers. Being a few thousand immigrants they are now double in numbers in India. The persecution faced by the Rohingyas Muslims is also because of their alleged leaders who were mujahidin’s who are considered as terrorist worldwide.

Myanmar never wanted Rohingyas Muslims to be part of their state as they wanted to establish the Buddhist state neither Rohingyas Muslims wanted to be part of the same because they wanted an independent state.

The article covers the historical background of the Rohingyas and also the Indian and international scenario on the Rohingyas issues.


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