Rights of Victims of Crime: Need of the Time

Sunny Sharma
Assistant Professor at Department of Law, Himachal Pradesh University, India.

Volume II – Issue I, 2020

Protecting the rights and interests of the individual is the primary purpose of the law. Now people are suffering from various types of problems in the modern world. People become the victim of the various types of diseases, disasters, and others. But every part of the world people become the Now it commonly refers to individuals who suffer injuries, losses, or hardships for any reason. People may be victims through an accident they meet, natural calamity,  dangerous diseases, or social problems that exist in a society which includes warfare, discrimination faced by them, political witch hunts, and other injustices they feel.

There is an urgent need to take a fresh look and recognize the rights of the victims of crime in the criminal justice system. There are a number of shortcomings in the present criminal justice delivery system in protecting the rights of the victims of crime. The victim is just taken as merely an ‘informer’ and on the other side; the accused person takes precedence over the rights of the victim.

The law, today fails to address the needs of the victims to be treated with dignity, to be protected from intimidation inside or outside the courtroom especially victims of sexual offenses in the courts during their cross-examination.

A victim of crime in the country has hardly guaranteed any right except maybe of getting some assistance by way of payment of compensation, though there are statutory provisions these provisions suffer from inherent limitations and are invoked grudgingly, sparingly, and often inconsistently by the courts.

It is necessary that due compensation is paid to the victim of crime to assure him that society cares and feels for him. “A victim of crime are those peoples who need justice and the society is bound to provide them justice and not just formalities”, Victims of crime, at present felt as a left-out person, ignored by everyone, and are shouting for attention and justice. This paper suggests changes that could be brought in the Criminal Justice system to ensure victim’s rights and to bring in the concept of victimology. Enacting laws for victim’s welfare and ensuring them conducive environment are some of the suggestions of the study.


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