Terrorism: A Threat to Humanity

Muskan Lalwani and Aakash Singh Chauhan
New Law college, BVDU, Pune, India.

Volume II – Issue I, 2020

In the present era, terrorism has came out as an great threat to the country’s autonomy and peace. India is also greatly affected through it. The supporters of terrorism are advancing themselves and their technologies day by day. Nowadays, everything is available easily and through this terrorist organization are getting help easily not through only monetary level but through other ways also. This is becoming a great danger for the countries peace. These organizations are damaging the countries peace and want to destabilize the nation. They are becoming a challenge for a healthy democracy as well as for humans. Some hard needy steps has to be taken to counter this type of crimes. In our country, laws are to be made that much perfect that it will become free from loopholes and none can get free away from him. Although strict laws are made in our country but the main problem lies with the implementation of those laws due to wrong use of power by authorities and by many other reasons.


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