The Inventors Market and their Rights on the platform of Health Care Sector

Areeb Ahsan, Rachna Kumari and Sayen Mohanty
KIIT Law School, Bhubaneswar, India

Volume II – Issue I, 2020

The paper attempts to well scrutinize the influence of “Patents, Monopoly and its impact on Access to Healthcare.” Pharmaceutical and healthcare gadgets makers contend that the ebb and flow of patent framework is essential for invigorating innovative work, prompting new items that improve healthcare. The budgetary profit for their ventures that is managed by patent assurance, they guarantee, is a motivation towards development and reinvestment into further healthcare departments. In any case, this view has been challenged in recent times. Numerous reporters contend that patents are smothering healthcare research, for instance by keeping specialists from getting to protected materials or techniques they require for their research. Patents have additionally been accused for obstructing clinical consideration by raising costs of basic prescriptions, for example, anti-retroviral drugs, medicines that helps to treat cancer, brain tumor,etc in different nations. This research work further inspects whether and how patent and monopoly are hindering social insurance and advancement in the access to healthcare.


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