The Plastic Problem Analysis about its Past, Present and Future

Ashwin Singh
Symbiosis Law School, Pune, India.

Volume II – Issue II, 2020

The author will explain the plastic problem from the eyes of all creatures living on this planet earth from the smallest to the largest, dead or alive. The author will also try to look into different perspectives around the human timeline. How our lives would have been today if our ancestors, let’s say if Columbus has had plastic while he was traveling to the new world and it was in wide use then, how plastic of that period would even after breaking into small molecules still would have been affecting our daily life.

The author will look from the eyes of people around the world, from different backgrounds and how their life is being affected by plastic how some are living because of plastic and how others are in a difficult situation due to plastic. A special inclination will be given towards India’s plastic problem and how the so-called smart cities of India are dealing with it.


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