Transformation of Intellectual Property Trends in Cyberspace Inspecting Modern Day Infringements

Anita Bharathi A.S.E
Tamil Nadu National Law University, India.

Volume II – Issue III, 2020

The ultimate goal of intellectual property rights is protecting the intellect that has a commercial value which applies to cyber space as well. However, this particular objective of IP has not been successful in all its ventures especially when there is a lack of efficient laws. Cyber space is nevertheless a prominent world-wide phenomenon that has attracted users of all age groups and for a variety of purposes. The role of IP in cyber space appears to be a fast growing matter due to the commercialization of numerous online entities. At the same time, it is crucial to have efficient laws to guide the same so as to reduce and avoid infringements which in one way or the other affect the e-commerce. The kind of IP infringements that has occurred in cyber forum in recent times reflect the change in trends. This posts a huge challenge to the judiciary who are the sole dictators of law in the absence of appropriate legal framework. Because regulation of commercial productions ultimately requires the backing of specific laws. Thus this paper prioritizes the analysis of contemporary online infringements to justify the need for specific regulations in place. In order to address all these existing glitches, this paper highlights modern day IP infringements in cyber space which has turned into a commercial platform. Apart from that, this paper attempts to understand the root cause of such infringements. This paper tries to bring out the need of the hour to tackle these anomalies.

Keywords: Intellectual property, Cyber space, Infringement, Piracy, Liability.


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