Women- The Real Warriors of Pandemic

Gayathri Vijayaraghavan
Sastra university(SOL), Thanjavur, India.

Volume II – Issue I, 2020

The meaning of ‘equal’ is to treat others with the same respect and dignity. If a person wanted to treat equally first, he/she should treat others with the same mindset. Then the others too will treat them in the same manner. But this principle is lacked in case of women. Though, it has been taught by the elderly people ‘to give respect and take respect’. All people are learnt to give respect but mostly it was implied on the women. Women are taught to be selfless, dedicative and sacrificing nature as always and to compromise first, whenever needed. It made them to feel as fragile and made others to treat them as unimportant. Many failed to understand that because of women a good family is managed, working women help the men to lead a financially healthy life, educated women makes the upbringing of the children and women are the only person who can bear the ‘pain’ for 10 months and give life to a new human being.  Though all these things are noticed, they failed to get ‘recognition’ and ‘appreciation’ as well.

This article discusses about the various roles played by the women, during this pandemic in all fields particularly in health maintenance, economic fluctuations and work pressures. It also talks about the position of women before and during the pandemic times of both men and women. The role contributed by men is equally considered with that of men during this tough situation. The word ‘equal’ has got a new meaning in this period due to the pandemic. The role reversal and importance of sharing is discussed in this article.


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