Human Rights

  • Smriti Dhasmana and Nikita
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  • Smriti Dhasmana

    Student at Amity Law School Noida, India

  • Nikita

    Student at Amity Law School Noida, India

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The researchers in this paper seek to analyze the concept of human rights and its origin. The various developmental stages are concerned with the protection of the life, health, and dignity of individuals. These rights are applied at all times, in peace and war. The paper covers aspects related to legal dimensions concerning the Indian constitution and the united declaration of human rights and whether they are legally binding or not? Further, the paper talks about International Humanitarian Law that is a common abbreviation for ‘international humanitarian law applicable in armed conflict’. It discusses the relationship between states which is governed by the rules and regulations established in International Humanitarian Law, through Treaties and Conventions, and also tried to cover some of the human rights violations around the world. The paper tries to promote meaningful human existence, to the fullest potential and growth.


Research Paper


International Journal of Legal Science and Innovation, Volume 3, Issue 3, Page 824 - 838


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