Impact of Forensic Science on Indian Criminal Justice

  • Suruchi Yadav
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  • Suruchi Yadav

    LL.M. (Criminal Law) student in India

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In this ever-growing society, science has progressed to a great extent. The concept of forensic science, which involves scientific element seeks to render circumstantial evidence as a crucial element of it. Consequently, the availability of science evidence has becoming part and parcel of justice mechanism. The expression “Forensic science” is an umbrella term which includes wide range disciplines which includes, digital forensics, toxicology, ballistics, fingerprint examination, and DNA examination among others. It is a mixture of experience and common sense along with expertise from different medical field like surgery and obstetrics. From past few decades, the subject of forensic science has attained important scientific growth. It has become an essential part of criminal investigation as it assists police in suspects identification, and ensures fact finding as to how and when the offence was carried out. It plays a pivotal role in the justice system by rendering relevant scientific evidence to ensure disposal of criminal matters. Certain issues and challenges pertaining to reliability and quality of forensic evidence has been posed in applying forensic science upon Criminal Justice system in India. These problems can result into unreliable outcomes and mishandling of evidence. Addressing these issues can increase the credibility of the evidence and can ensure serving of justice in fair manner. Thus, it comes significant to examine the impact of forensic science on Indian Justice system. In this research paper, the researcher would highlight regarding the foundational concept of forensic science. It would also describe the application of forensic science in criminal justice system. Moreover, the researcher would also deal with the impact and issues related to forensic science on the justice system. The researcher would deal with landmark decision related to role of forensic science on the justice system. Lastly, it will conclude the research with conclusion and relevant suggestions to address the prevailing issues relating to research topic.


Research Paper


International Journal of Legal Science and Innovation, Volume 6, Issue 3, Page 1151 - 1160


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