Volume III - Issue VI

1. Judicial Intervention in Arbitration Proceedings: The Indian Perspective

Page  01 - 10

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLSI.111146

sds Sreyasi Sarma

Student at KIIT School of Law, Bhubaneshwar, India

2. Lok Adalat in India Aperture to Speedy Justice

Page  11 - 21

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLSI.111154

sds Dr. Pooja Sood

Assistant Professor at UILS, PU Swami Sarvanand Giri Regional Centre, India

sds Dr. Vinay Sharma

Assistant Professor at UILS, PU Swami Sarvanand Giri Regional Centre, India

4. Inheritance Laws of the Bahai Community and Gender Equality

Page  27 - 34

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLSI.111157

sds Sarthak Sharma

Student at OP Jindal Global University, India

5. Role and Function of Debt Recovery Tribunal

Page  35 - 40

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLSI.111164

sds Aditya Sinha

Student at KIIT School of Law, Bhubaneshwar, India

6. Social Security of Women in Islam

Page  41 - 53

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLSI.111158

sds Prof. Mohd. Wasim Ali

Professor at Department of law, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, U.P., India

sds Fozia

Research Scholar at Department of Law, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India

7. A Primer on Regulatory Framework surrounding Connected Automated Vehicles in UK

Page  54 - 58

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLSI.111162

sds M.V.I Khadri

Student at Damodaram Sanjivayya National Law University, India

8. An Analysis on Dowry Deaths in India

Page  59 - 66

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLSI.111159

sds Prathana Patel

Student at GLS Law College, Ahmedabad, India

9. Patenting of Genetically Modified Plants and Seeds in Light of Monsanto Decision

Page  67 - 70

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLSI.111120

sds Saloni Thawani

Student at Christ University Bangalore, India

10. Access to Justice for Marginalized People in India

Page  71 - 77

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLSI.111131

sds Priyal Singh Parihar

B.B.A.LL.B. Graduate in India

11. The Constitution of India Its Provisions, Landmark Judgments and The Contemporary Trending Issues at a Glance

Page  78 - 85

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLSI.111167

sds Mr. Rajdeep Ghosh

Assistant Professor of Law at Rashtriya Raksha University, Gandhinagar (A Central University and an Institution of National Importance), India

12. A Comparison of Laws on Olfactory Marks vis-a-vis the National and the International Sphere

Page  86 - 96

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLSI.111169

sds Prerana Das

Student at Amity Law School, Kolkata, India

sds Oishee Banerjee

Student at Amity Law School, Kolkata, India

14. International Commercial Arbitration and Litigation: A Comparative Analysis

Page  111 - 121

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLSI.111178

sds Sutikshan Raina

Advocate at Punjab and Haryana High Court, India

16. Vivifying Global Attempts at Land Reforms: A Comprehensive Analysis of Different Jurisdictions

Page  125 - 133

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLSI.111183

sds Prerna Dhingra

Student at Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies (VIPS), Delhi

17. Urbanisation of Armed Conflicts

Page  134 - 145

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLSI.111170

sds V. Vidhula

Student at VIT School of Law, Chennai, India

18. Development as Freedom

Page  146 - 150

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLSI.111188

sds Ridham Jain

LL.M. Student at Jindal Global Law School, India

sds Shruti Gupta

LL.M. Student at Jindal Global Law School, India

sds Shristy Jain

LL.M. Student at Jindal Global Law School, India

19. Evolution of Right to Information & its Current Controversies

Page  151 - 158

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLSI.111193

sds Srijani Chakrabarty

Student at Ramaiah College of Law, Bangalore, India

20. Cyber Defamation of an Employer

Page  159 - 164

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLSI.111187

sds Neeraj Kumar

Student at National Law University of Juridical Sciences (NUJS), India

22. Cyber Crimes against Women in India: A Torment in Society

Page  170 - 181

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLSI.111201

sds Sameera Khan

Research Scholar at Faculty of Law, Aligarh Mumbai University, India

sds Amaan Ali Shah

Advocate at UP Bar Council, Allahabad, India

23. Absolute Discretions of the Board in Allotment of Unsubscribed Shares: An Analysis

Page  182 - 186

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLSI.111202

sds Adarsh Choubey

Student at NMIMS School of Law, Navi Mumbai, India

24. Contribution of U.N.O in the Codification of Modern International Law: An Analysis

Page  187 - 192

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLSI.111196

sds Rupesh Kumar Singh

Student at Department of Law, AMU, Aligarh, India

26. Humanitarian Intervention and United Nations

Page  206 - 214

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLSI.111197

sds Shazia Siddiqui

Research Scholar at Faculty of Law, Delhi University, India

27. Dawn of LGBT Crusade and Progression of their Human Rights

Page  215 - 222

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLSI.111194

sds Mehak Chadha

Advocate at Panjab and Haryana High Court, Chandigarh, India

28. Space Medicine and Law Emerging Trends and Challenges

Page  223 - 236

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLSI.111198

sds Reddy Sai Spandana

LLM (Public International Law) student Stockholm University, Sweden

30. Gender Discrimination in the Devolution of Property

Page  250 - 260

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLSI.111217

sds Aryan Sharma

Student at Christ University, Bangalore, India

32. Gender Inequality

Page  275 - 278

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLSI.111205

sds Rigved Shyamkant Kalekar

LLM Student at Bharati Vidyapeeth New Law College, India

34. Public Interest Litigation: Venturing along the Thin Line Between Judicial Activism and Judicial Overreach

Page  290 - 295

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLSI.111221

sds Kushagra Singh

Research Scholar at Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia National Law University, Lucknow, India

35. Sewage, Slavery, and Manual Scavengers

Page  296 - 302

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLSI.111204

sds Vanshika Aggarwal

Student at OP Jindal Global University, Sonipat, Haryana, India

sds Maanas Tumuluri

Contract Management Analyst at Nexdigm, India

36. Intellectual Property Rights vis-à-vis Traditional Knowledge: A Critical Analysis

Page  303 - 311

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLSI.111212

sds Adhish Anilkumar Kulkarni

Student at CMR University School of Legal Studies, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

37. AI and Legal Decisions Making in The Corporate Governance

Page  312 - 324

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLSI.111214

sds Rajasi Guharoy

Assistant Professor at Adamas University, India

sds Saheli Biswas

Junior Researcher at UNEP, India

40. Provisions Pertaining to Business Audit Under MVAT and its Significance: A Detailed Study

Page  363 - 367

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLSI.111206

sds Naeesha Halai

International Accredited Civil-Commercial Mediator; Multiple World Record Holder; Advocate; Researcher

41. Regulation of OTT Platform: Censoring Issue & Limitation

Page  368 - 372

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLSI.111208

sds Dr. Manjari Mishra

Principal at NES Law College, Jabalpur, India.

sds Khushboo Singh

Assistant Professor Hitkarini Law College, Jabalpur, India

42. Dissecting the CISG Framework and the Indian Sale of Goods Regime in the Context of ‘delivery’, ‘time’ and ‘risk’: A Comparative Account

Page  373 - 393

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLSI.111224

sds Abhishek Negi

Assistant Professor of Law, Dharmashastra National Law University, Jabalpur, India

sds Utkarsh Kumar Mishra

Assistant Professor of Law, Dharmashastra National Law University, Jabalpur, India

43. Child Maintenance Laws in India: A closer analysis

Page  394 - 402

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLSI.111225

sds Drishti Sarin

Student at O.P. Jindal Global University, India

44. Google AdWords And Metadata: Trademark Infringement Tools of 21st Century

Page  403 - 409

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLSI.111226

sds Devvrat Vaishnav

Advocate at High Court of Chhattisgarh, India.

45. Democracy & Anti-Terror Legislations: A Comparative Look at India & USA

Page  410 - 430

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLSI.111228

sds Adarsh Pandey

LL.M. (Constitution & Criminal Laws) student at National Law University, Delhi, India.

sds Akash Dixit

LL.M. (Business Laws) student at National Law University, Delhi, India.

sds Aditi Jaiswal

LL.M. (Business Laws) student at National Law University, Delhi, India.

sds Akash Joseph

LL.M. (Business Laws) student at National Law University, Delhi, India.

46. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s Perspective on Democracy: Relevance in Contemporary Times

Page  431 - 437

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLSI.111230

sds Kirti Yadav

Research Scholar (JRF) at Department of Law, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, India.

47. Errors in Capital Punishment

Page  438 - 447

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLSI.111237

sds Vyshakh S Sheroff

Student at Presidency University, India

48. Intellectual Property Rights: Issues and Concern

Page  448 - 461

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLSI.111235

sds Dr. Poonam Sharma

Assistant Professor at Institute of Law, Kurukshetra University, India.

49. Environmental Protection vis-a-vis Ambika Quarry Works V. State of Gujarat [AIR 1987 SS 1037]

Page  462 - 476

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLSI.111211

sds Saharshrarchi Uma Pandey

Student at National Law University, Nagpur, India

50. Barriers to Healthcare for Transgender: Analysis on Affirmative Environment in Social-Legal Aspects

Page  477 - 492

DOI: https://doij.org/10.10000/IJLSI.111274

sds Dr. G.S. Rajpurohit

Associate Professor at Department of Law, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, India

sds Apoorwa Sharma

Research Scholar at Department of Law, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, India